About Us

Big Love Little Hearts was founded in June, 2009 to address a gap in the congenital heart defect community – the overwhelming number of children in developing countries who needed heart surgery to live and weren’t able to find it.

Through referral partners and provider partners we worked tirelessly to connect these families in need with the many organizations, doctors and hospitals that could offer this help at no charge. When that wasn’t possible, usually because there were no medical mission teams or qualified care in the country the child resided, we raised money to fund these surgeries. Lifesaving heart repairs in developing countries can cost as little as $2,500 USD.

Because of our incredible partner organizations and the generosity of individual donors and sponsors alike, between June of 2009 and the present, Big Love Little Hearts saved more than 500 lives.

After spending nearly 5 years in our cause space we started exploring the idea that what we are doing is really just a band-aid. We’ve looked at what other organizations in this space are doing effectively and decided that the best thing we could do would be to support them in those efforts and try to make some headway in the places no one else was.

This has led us to add a new project: a diagnostic program that will use wireless pulse-oximetry to assess children for heart defects in developing countries out in the field. Read more about this program here.

This new program will increase impact for every last organization in our cause space, yet will cost no more than $10,000/year.

Estrella Rosenberg is the Founder and Director of Big Love Little Hearts. Moved by the loss of her sister at 37-days old from an undiagnosed heart defect, she has worked in the heart defect community for 11 years and was previously the Director of Development for The Children’s Heart Foundation.

Our charitable work is guided by Dr. Carl Backer, Division Head of Cardiovascular-Thoracic Surgery at Lurie Children’s Hospital Chicago and Dr. Sri Rao, Associate Medical Director at International Children’s Heart Foundation.

Big Love to our Board! Your support and guidance is an invaluable gift:

Jane Deitrich, Jeremy Shier, Ryan See, Sarah Caldwell, Liz Herrick, Leslie Ann Dimas, Kristen Shimala, Joseph Winjum, Jonathon G. Wells, Sharon LePere, Keiko Slazas, Olga Markoff, Illona Parrillo.

Gratitude to Jonny Imerman, Jacob Drescher and Lindsay Avner for being there the day Big Love Little Hearts was born. 

Heartfelt thanks to friends and mentors in the CHD Community for your guidance and support: Bill Foley, Betsey Peterson, Erin Smith, Carl Backer, Tom Weigel, Charlie Bennett, Rob Koppel, Karin Coulter, Mona Barmash, Annamarie Saarinen, Kristine McCormick, Sandra Kay, Alexandra Mouhsine.

A lifetime of thanks to Michael Rosenberg: none of our history would have been possible without your support and many gifts. You have impacted thousands of  children and families – on behalf of them: thank you.

In Memory of  Heather Marie Shier

October 10, 1984 – November 16, 1984

Questions about our past, present or future work? Contact Estrella Rosenberg: estrella@biglovefund.org