Operation Healing Hearts

Big Love Little Hearts helps children with congenital heart defects all around the world, but right now we’re using everything we’ve got to fund just one project in one country.


Everywhere else we work, 1 in 100 families don’t know if they’ll be celebrating or mourning on their child’s next birthday. In Iraq that number is far more dramatic: 1 in 10 children have a ticking time bomb in their chest.

Chemical warfare used by Sadam Hussein and depleted uranium left behind British and American troops have had a significant impact on the children in Iraq – 30,000 need lifesaving surgery to repair their heart defect but only 400 a year are getting it.

Big Love Little Hearts’ partner organizations Preemptive Love and International Children’s Heart Foundation are working to treat these children and are building the capacity of Iraqi surgeons to do the same. Through collaborative relationships, their Remedy Mission saves one child with just $670.

Operation Healing Hearts is a grassroots project to help fund these Remedy Missions.

Want to be part of the Remedy? Find out more on the official Remedy Mission site or start saving a life now.


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